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Expand Your Living Space Without a Renovation

Posted on 03 July 2017

Most apartments are built with economy of space in mind, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice quality of design in your small space. To make matters worse, many apartments do not allow renovations, which forces renters to get creative when upgrading their living space. However, our interior designers have some great alternatives for you! Let’s bypass the large payments and the hassle of a renovation by hanging large mirrors throughout your home. We suggest mounting or leaning mirrors above a console to add some flare to your wall.

Follow These Pro Tips to Easily Revamp Your Space!

1. Add mirrors behind sofas to visually increase the size of your living room

2. Treat mirrors like extra windows. Some mirrors are shaped and framed to look like windows to trick your eye into thinking you are entering a well lit room

3. Mount a mirror above your headboard to multiply the light in the room and give the appearance of a larger bedroom

4. Lean a large mirror against the wall near your closet to be unconventional and add depth

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