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6 Steps to Transforming Your Master Bedroom

Posted on 26 June 2017

Has your master bedroom become a dumping ground for all your dirty clothes and random magazines? If you answered yes, then we encourage you to take back your space and design the bedroom you’ve always wanted. With these six simple steps, we guarantee you will love spending time in your bedroom again. Your master bedroom should be a retreat from a long day. With a nice color palette and calculated design, your master bedroom will quickly become a sanctuary for relaxation.

1. Declutter your room

a. This can be done by recycling all your old magazines, doing your laundry, and vacuuming every nook and cranny.

b. Select a color palette

2. Sticking to neutral tones allows your to use pops of color throughout your bedroom to brighten the space.

a. For a more coastal feel, we suggest pairing cream or tan, with light blue or green.

3. Accessorize your nightstands

a. Clear out all the drawers, by donating or throwing away items you no longer need.

b. Keep it simple with a neutral lamp and a charming picture frame or clock to accent your room

4. Hang curtains

a. This effortless task creates a soft and cozy feel.

b. By hanging your curtains 4-6 inches above your window, it creates the illusion that your windows are larger and your ceilings are taller. Remember, high and wide!

5. Roll out a rug

a. Place an elegant rug in your master bedroom that coordinates with your color palette to establish harmony.

b. Place the rug slightly in front of your nightstand to help frame your bed as the focal point.

6. Add a headboard

a. By installing a headboard your bed will become the statement piece in your master bedroom.

b. If you have large empty walls, a taller headboard is recommended to help fill the blank space.

By following these 6 easy steps, you can achieve this gorgeous look by Flexsteel! All of these pieces are available at Woods Furniture, and guaranteed to be a hit in your new and improved master bedroom!

Pro Tip: Utilize all your space by adding a seating area by the window. Upholstered accent chairs will soften your look further and serve as a functional place for everyday living.

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